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Storm Soldiers: Extended Trailer



In this day and age, electrical power is vital. Yet most people take our power grid and the work it takes to build and maintain it for granted. “Storm Soldiers” is a feature length documentary film about linemen, the men and women who make it all happen. Often called “America’s unsung first responders,” linemen work behind the scenes, rebuilding after natural disasters and ensuring power for fire and safety crews. They labor tirelessly so citizens can power their computers, heat their homes, and light their lives. Danger lies around every corner for linemen, as their profession consistently tops the lists of most dangerous jobs. “Storm Soldiers” is a tribute to the men and women who literally put their lives on the line every day, but it is also a call to action. Nearly half of America’s 400,000 linemen are scheduled to retire over the next five years, and new linemen are currently few and far between. Without an influx of new linemen entering the trade, who’s going to keep the power on?

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Director – Brad Kremer
Produced – Jim Stone
Executive Producers – Crystal Mistretta, Scott Jacobs
Linemen Consultant – Mike Glueckert
Director of Photography – Brad Kremer
Principal Cinematography – Brad Kremer, Jim Stone, Josh Jasso
2nd Unit – Jared Levy, Robert Grieb
Additional Filming – Dustin Maier, Tim Manning, Joe Carlino, Jeff Colin
Editing – Brad Kremer, Josh Jasso, Nathan Avila
Original Music – Sam Billen
Motion Graphics – Mark Nguyen, Aaron Legere, Jessica Weiss
Photography – Roxy –
Colorist – Hwan Wook Kim – Digital Factory
Sound Mixing – Josh Jasso
Location Coordinator – Janet Daurity
Archival Footage – Steve Beaulieu
Archival Photographs – International Linemen’s Museum
Poster Design – Justin Collins
Financial Management – Zach Nehme, Teresa Stewart