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Clemson: “The Hill”



As legendary ABC Sports commentator Brent Musberger once said, “When Clemson players rub that rock and run down the hill, it’s the most exciting twenty-five seconds in college football.” Seeing the game from inside the players’ helmets shows what those twenty-five seconds are really like. With a three hundred and sixty degree look at the Clemson football experience from the perspectives of the fans, the coaches, and the players, this video brings viewers on an exciting journey through one of the most exciting game day experiences in the SEC. Don Munson, Director of Creative Services for the Clemson Tigers, provided Tytan Creates with premier access to the team, allowing the coaches and athletes to show off their game day best. The most important footage was captured on three separate Red cameras and contour POV helmet cameras, with an extensive arsenal of Nikon D800 and Canon 5Ds for the time-lapse and supporting footage.


Production company: Tytan
 Creates (

Director/DP: Brad Kremer
Producer/AD: Jim Stone
Producers: Scott Jacobs, Jim Stone
Cameras: Brad Kremer, Joshua Jasso, Jim Stone, Roxy, Neil Goss, Roxy
Director of Post-Production: Mark Nguyen
Editors: Josh Jasso
, Brad Kremer
Post-Production/Graphics: Aaron Legere